Shallow Soil Mixing for Ground Improvement

Effectively stabilize sand and weak soil with a small amount of peats without deep excavation.

Soil Mixing Services by DEI

Using our small, agile soil mixing rig designed by DEI, we are able to provide shallow soil mixing services for a variety of applications, stabilizing sand and other poor soil for a range of site needs, including soil enhancement, excavation support, pool foundations and emergency site stabilization

TERRAGROUT™ Chemical Grouting System

We at DEI have a patented chemical grouting system, which we utilize to inject chemical grouts into granular soils. Our patented system allows us to mix and dispense environmentally friendly mixtures, which have proven to be of the highest quality available.

TERRAGROUT™ Chemical Grouting System

What is Shallow Soil Mixing?

Shallow Soil mixing is a ground improvement technique designed to improve the strength and stability of sand, soft sandy soil with a clay or peat content of 20% or less. Shallow soil mixing mechanically introduces a portland cement binder with the in situ sandy soil thus creating soil cement columns. This application hardens the granular soils and creates sturdy columns which can be utilized to stabilize the ground for soil enhancement under new footings or excavation support. Typically, this application can be performed with very small equipment.

Advantages of Chemical Grout Waterstop:

When is Shallow Soil Mixing Recommended?

Poor ground conditions make construction more complicated. The ground must be able to bear the loads imposed on it. In coastal areas, sandy earth and high-moisture soil create particularly challenging conditions for building — and yet, from Florida to Maine, the coast remains a prime real estate region. This is thanks in large part to innovative geotechnical technologies like shallow soil mixing.

Shallow Soil Mixing vs. Deep Soil Mixing

Similar to deep soil mixing, with shallow soil mixing, we improve the integrity of the ground with soil mixing that turns the poor soil into solid soil-mixed columns where unfavorable conditions exist in the upper ten feet. But unlike deep soil mixing, our shallow soil mixing approach is carried out with much more site flexibility, machine maneuverability, and shallower work depths. Our machines have even been deployed same-day in emergency situations. Simply put: Shallow soil mixing is a simple, versatile solution for unique structural challenges.

Soil Mixing by DEI

With a reputable portfolio and unique application, DEI’s shallow soil mixing is regularly specified by engineers for a variety of ground treatment improvement work. With our small, nimble equipment, we can work in tight spaces and even right up against bordering properties, providing a ground treatment solution that would not otherwise be possible.

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