February 22, 2011

Ardaman and Associates served as geotechnical engineers for the underpinning of the Pier 2 of the above reverenced project. Dosdourian Enterprises Inc. performed the installation of the 8 inch micropiles through the existing 7 feet thick footing to upgrade the existing foundation capacity to project requirements. The total length of the micropiles was 37 feet and maximum design loads of 250 kips. Performance of the foundation has been monitored since the micropiles were installed successfully during April 2010. Piles instrument observations indicate that the micropiles were constructed in accordance with project specifications and are performing as expected.

The work performed by Dosdourian Enterprises Inc. was excellent and was completed in a professional manner.


Ardaman & Assoiciates, Inc.
Fl Certificate No. 0005950

Evilio Horta, PhD., P.E.
Senior Project Engineer
Fl Reg No. 46625

Evilio Horta, PhD., P.E., Ardaman & Assoiciates, Inc.

November 4, 2008

To whom it may concern,

This letter is being written in support of Dosdourian Enterprises, Inc. (Dosdourian) business development. I met Sam Dosdourian, the owner of Dosdourian, as well as one of his crew recently on the Omni Center Renovation project located in Downtown Miami. Our firm (Langan) served as the geotechnical engineer for the project. As part of the renovation, four new elevator pits, consisting of 1 to 3 elevators, were added within the existing buildings. The challenges for construction of the elevator pits included, but not limited, relatively low-headroom condition, excavation within sandy and organic material and right next to an operating school structure, and dewatering issues. Jet grouting method was proposed in order to 1) allow excavation to be performed right next to the existing structure, 2) serve as retaining wall for excavation, and 3) minimize dewatering efforts during the foundation preparation.

As the specialty foundation contractor, Dosdourian worked very closely with Langan. With the proper equipment and the experienced crew, Dosdourian successfully performed the jet grouting work to meet all design and construction requirements. In addition, Dosdourian also installed new steel helical piles for support of a new column foundation in a limited access area. All foundations for the elevator pits as well as the new column were completed recently. As I known, the client was very happy with the Dosdourain’s work.

I look forward to working with Dosdourian in the future and highly recommend them for geo-construction projects. If you have any questions, please call me at (786) 264-7200.


Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc.
Feng Lu, P.E.
Project Manager

October 29, 2008

To whom it may concern:

We at Ardaman & Associates, Inc. have had the opportunity to work in various projects with Dosdourian Enterprises since the early 1990’s. We have found them to be knowledgeable, innovative, and reliable in the performance of their work. They can adjust their procedures in stride when encountering conditions differing from those originally assumed. You can rely on them to do a good job regardless of whether they are being directly monitored/supervised or not. We have no qualms in recommending Dosdourian Enterprises for ground modification or underpinning work.

Two recent projects in which we have monitored their work are the Boca Raton Hotel Improvement Project, where mini-piles were installed in confined areas to support new structures, and the Kravis Center Rinker project in West Pam Beach, where underpinning work was needed to support structures adjacent to the large excavation required for the Rinker auditorium addition.

Please call if you need any additional information.

Roberto E. Balbis, P.E.
Principal Engineer, Branch Manager

Roberto E. Balbis, P.E. , Ardaman & Associates, Inc.
Dear Sir/Madam:

I have been a geotechnical engineering practitioner in South Florida for more than 30 years and am fortunate to have worked closely with Dosdourian Enterprises, Inc. (Dosdourian) on projects that required soil modification by grouting and foundation underpinning. The soil modification work included slurry grouting, permeation grouting and injections of urethane based grout to stop water leakance. While my personal experience with Dosdourian on foundation underpinning projects has included only helical micro-piles and jet grouting, I am aware that this structural and geotechnical contractor employs a wide variety of underpinning systems that are geared to specific structural requirements and ground conditions.

Dosdourian is fully capable of taking on and successfully completing the most challenging of technical assignments. A case in point is a “design-build” project that it completed two years ago at Palm Beach International Airport. The project required both underpinning and realignment of a four level, mat supported stair tower of a parking garage that sustained out-of-plane settlement (i.e. differential settlement leading to rotation) and lateral displacement. This occurred when the stair tower foundation soils experienced significant seismic densification due to sheet pile driving for trench support of a nearby, deeply buried utility line.

The facility owner mandated that the stair tower not only be underpinned but also returned to its original position both horizontally and vertically. Meeting these requirements, while challenging in and of themselves, was compounded by the fact that additional lateral displacement of the foundations soils beneath the stair tower was expected when the trench excavation was made.

Dosdourian provided an engineered design incorporating helical micro-piling coupled with temporary lateral restraint of the mat foundation to support the stair tower as the utility line was installed. This was accomplished in an expeditious manner without significant delay to the project schedule. Once the utility line was in-place and the trench backfilled, the mat foundation was jacked into its required vertical alignment and laterally drawn into its original horizontal position using high strength steel cables. The rectification operations were concluded by slurry grouting the void beneath the foundation to restore the foundation – soil contact and enable the micro-piling to be disengaged.

I highly recommend that you consider Dosdourian Enterprises, Inc. for structural and geotechnical contracting work that you may require on your projects. The firm provides innovative solutions to complex conditions and implements the solutions in an expeditious and workmanlike manner.

Very truly yours,

Thomas J. Tepper, P.E.
Principal Engineer
FL Registration 27451