chemical grouting

Dosdourian Enterprises uses chemical grouts to stabilize loose soils, underpin foundations, stop seeping water, lift settled slabs, provide excavation support and more. Contact us today for more information!

What is chemical grout?


Chemical Grouts are used to stabilize loose soil, provide excavation support, stop flowing or seeping water in structures, lift concrete slabs and fill voids. There are different types of chemical grouts – the most common are sodium silicate, acrylates, and polyurethanes.



Sodium Silicate Grout

The silicates are typically used to turn a sandy soil into sandstone relatively quickly. This works very well when a support for excavation system is needed especially when digging within close proximity to an existing structure, roadway or sidewalk. The chemical grout will solidify the soil allowing for a vertical excavation without soil sloughing.

Acrylate Grout

Acrylates are a great choice for waterproofing under existing structures such as a basements, parking garages or utility vaults where water is seeping through the concrete. The acrylate can be systematically injected through the concrete surface within the structure, creating a waterproof membrane between the concrete and the soil.

Polyurethane Grout

Polyurethane grouts are typically used for stopping flowing/seeping water and for general waterproofing through existing concrete structures such as tunnels and vaults. Polyurethanes are also used for lifting conrete slabs that have settled by means of a process called slab jacking or mud jacking.

Polyurethane Grout is used to stop water that is seeping through the ceiling in a concrete tunnel.

TERRAGROUT™ Chemical Grouting System

We at DEI have a patented chemical grouting system, which we utilize to inject chemical grouts into granular soils. Our patented system allows us to mix and dispense environmentally friendly mixtures, which have proven to be of the highest quality available.

TERRAGROUT™ Chemical Grouting System

The power of terragrout

Terragrout is a remarkable product. As you can see in the picture below, we grouted soil that was comprised of all different kinds and sizes of debris. Rocks, boulders, brick tile and sand were the soil matrix we were charged with grouting. The Terragrout was able to permeate in and around all of the debris, thus forming a homogenous mass consisting of all of these different building materials that were buried underground. 

Chemical grouting projects

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