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Stop water intrusion and prevent further damage with chemical grouting water stop services by DEI

Water Stop Services

Stopping water with the use of chemical grouts is both an art and science. Water intrusion is always a primary concern in building construction, especially when dealing with below-grade structures like subgrade parking garages, pools and underground vaults. Any water leaks must be remedied to stop the damage and prevent it from progressing further. Water intrusion will result in mold and mildew and could ruin mechanical equipment in a relatively short period of time if not addressed. Another concern is oxidation of the steel reinforcement in concrete structures. If left unchecked, the water, ferris metal and air equals oxidation which manifests itself in concrete spalling which could cost thousands if not tens of thousands to repair. At DEI, our talented team uses our specially designed equipment and environmentally friendly chemical grouts to permanently control water intrusion issues. Our technology works in hairline cracks that are barely leaking to gushing water through failed joints. Whatever the case we have the expertise to provide what’s needed to stop leaking water now!

Water Stop with Chemical Grouting

To address cracks that are leaking or weeping, our highly skilled technicians will first assess the site. We must familiarize ourselves with the site and attempt to find the source of the leaking water.

Before prescribing a plan to correct the issue, many of the sites we visit face their own unique challenges, requiring the application of creative solutions and smart engineering.

For straightforward cracks that are leaking, we typically intersect the crack by drilling near it, then installing a special port. Then, we pump a low viscosity chemical grout into the crack, the chemical grout will follow the path of the leak, as a liquid then begins to expand forming a watertight seal. The seal can be instrumental in the proper maintenance and longevity of concrete structures, extending their usefulness for years to come with chemical grouting to control water migration.

In addition to water stop services for concrete structures and other below grade projects, DEI also has extensive expertise in water stop solutions for elevators. With efficient application and a chemical formula that works better than any grouting solution on the market, DEI’s water stop services provide an ideal long-term solution for water intrusion on structures like elevators, duct banks and underground vaults.

Excellence in Materials, Expertise in Application

Guided by innovation,, DEI solves everything from simple concrete cracks to complex water intrusion remediations. Leaks can be extremely expensive in a hurry — costing you money literally by the minute. DEI delivers expert application and long-lasting water stop solutions using top-of-the-line materials, proprietary equipment and industry-leading techniques.

Advantages of Chemical Grout Waterstop:

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