excavation support with chemical grout

Excavation Support with Chemical Grout is a method of supporting structures adjacent to planned excavations without the destructive vibrations caused by conventional sheet piling. Chemical Grout turns loose soils under existing structures into rock, thus allowing for excavation immediately adjacent to the foundation.

Excavation support overview

Excavation Support with our patented TERRAGROUT™ Chemical Grouting System is the process of injecting chemical grout, which permeates granular soil, creating a solidified mass similar to sandstone. This process is used when the vibrations from conventional sheet piling could cause nearby structures to settle.

Chemical Grouting Contractor Florida

TERRAGROUT™ Chemical Grouting System

We at DEI have a patented chemical grouting system, which we utilize to inject chemical grouts into granular soils. Our patented system allows us to mix and dispense environmentally friendly mixtures, which have proven to be of the highest quality available.

TERRAGROUT™ Chemical Grouting System

Excavation support case studies

10′ Cut on Ocean Front Property Line

In this project, the General Contractor had to excavate a...

Excavation Support for Parking Garage Expansion

In this example the General Contractor had to maintain traffic...

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